1057 don't grasp Velcro and MAO MAO with magic, what's the difference

by:BAILI     2020-10-31
1057 don't grab the magic stick, than ordinary don't catch hair soft, smooth, thin, is a dedicated for injection hook degrees do hair surface, suitable for shoes, clothes, handbags, luggage, sports or electronic products, etc. , the word is no stranger to everyone, the most common in our daily life is with Velcro shoes, summer on the screen with back glue Velcro, umbrellas to sticky Velcro, bundles of computer cables in line. 。 。 But to really understand the Velcro must be few and far between. Product name: Velcro fastening belt 1057 don't grab the magic stick type: the sewing type (without glue No glue on the back, need through the sewing fixed in fabric or leather surface) 1057 don't grab the magic stick applicable scope: clothing shoes and hats bags leather goods manual cloth art medical supplies outdoor tourism supplies fitness equipment sportswear clothing, commonly used 1057 don't grab the magic stick product features: don't catch hair Velcro hair surface into ring shape, similar to daily use the towel, after thousands of times of close, still keep the original state, there will be no hair silk. Don't grab and ordinary Velcro hook surface, penetrate hook can match use; Combined with injection hook shock, deformation characteristics, more harmonious collocation, found in high-end sportswear, ski suit, embodies the perfect details. 1057 don't grasp technical parameters of 1057 must not MAO MAO Velcro hook hair side bite thickness: 2 mm - : 3 mm width error of plus or minus 1 mm1057 doesn't catch hair magic stick and the number of times: more than 10000 environmental requirements: eu standards don't grab the magic stick applicable temperature range: 1057 - 30 - - 180 ℃ material: nylon can wash: whether can 1057 don't grab the magic stick about color: because your reason, physical and picture color deviation elastic is not grasp Velcro and MAO MAO Velcro from original intention are the same, both are Velcro. Just sent a 'no', so they are the mark? Magic with a variety of classification, varieties, now together to get to know the elastic don't grasp Velcro and MAO MAO what is the difference between the magic stick! 1057 don't grab the magic stick is made from special B side groups, with water does not hurt the hand, not bibulous, easy to dry materials. Don't catch hair of Velcro hair surface for terry type, hair neatly, fall off not easily, durable, belong to high-end products, can be made into all kinds of belt. Elastic don't catch hair also is a kind of Velcro, and don't grab the magic stick principle is the same, only the elastic don't grab with elasticity, using rubber silk and special raw materials ZhiZhi, good elasticity is not easy to aging, nylon is on material composition. So elastic don't grab the magic stick also some people call it as: telescopic stick cingulate/elastic hook and loop, and don't grab the magic stick is not flexible. Elastic don't grab applies: health care, sports equipment, bind and so on, take a Neoprene use elastic cloth is better! Don't grab the Velcro material is nylon, color fastness, Color fastness, color fastness) Above grade 4. Don't catch hair Velcro material is smooth, hair neatly, softer, it does not hurt the hand, appearance beautiful, often used in senior clothing, sphygmomanometer, belt, hand WanDai, camera bags, electronic products packaging, health supplies, and other fields. Grasp MAO hook and loop, take a look at MAO Velcro is ordinary common fastening belt, made of nylon, polyester, its rough arrangement is dense, rough, hook surface is relatively hard, feel is not very good. But the nylon will be relatively dacron material is soft, wool surface also relatively dense, cohesive relatively better! Its purpose: available in ordinary clothing, bags, umbrellas, fine stationery, electronic products, can also make the Velcro strap, cable tie, used for bundling, effectively fixed all kinds of electronic wire, etc. , specifications and shape can according to the guest needs custom-made production, rich colors, beautiful generous, easy to use!
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