2015 bind fashion

by:BAILI     2020-11-14

in 2015, is the endless wind in the 70 s, bell bottoms being spit on for months, suede is not popular, so fashionable circle said again: you are still in the tie clasp zipper clothes OUT, wind is to bind fashionable in the 70 s. In this era of hippies, punk rock like crazy, and full of sex and feral bind became a indispensable element, either don't fashionable, or 'dead you'! The feelings restoring ancient ways is in fashion this year designers fully immersed in the 70 s, with the s hippie flavor elements were exhumed, nature cannot little crazy with bandages details and draw string in the hole, with back and forth to form a grid, make every inch of 'desire'. Bind jacket to a woman's chest as the biggest temptation, flashpoint for countless pairs of eyes, I'm afraid no one able to withstand the shattered glass so the temptation. Use a skirt to read the bind element in the 70 s, most propbably is more persuasive, skirt dancing eyes at the same time I don't know where to put. Of course, you also need not so obvious, be careful machine in some fashion week ornament bind element, substitute stealthily the technique makes you less like bare suspicion. If the bind element added to the cowboy, you'll be playing with the wind in the 70 s, the glance of tannins and punk collision seems to also say the girl's mind, let the person you want to get to know you better. Remember that year all over the world 'the Roman shoes'? This year's strap shoes to restart the similar trend, the only difference is you are no longer a gladiator, but enchanting bond girl.

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