2016 Forbes China rich list: Mr Wang to $33 billion

by:BAILI     2020-10-20
2016 Forbes China rich list: wang jianlin (to the summit to $33 billion The original title: 2016 Forbes China rich list: wang jianlin govinda 'double horse' followed by) Published 2016 Forbes China rich list. The top three seats still dominated by 'the second horse a king'. List of members of the total wealth of $947 billion, compared with $830 billion, up 14%. On this list, wanda group chairman wang jianlin to $33 billion at the top. Alibaba founder jack ma and tencent ma in 282 and $24. 5 billion respectively the second and third place. S. f President wang wei in fourth place with $18. 5 billion, netease ding to $15. 2 billion in fifth. Is wei international group, the founder of Wang Wenyin finished sixth with $13. 8 billion, robin li of baidu to $12. 6 billion in seventh place, midea group founder He Xiangjian finished eighth, with $11. 4 billion Evergrande estate founder slot with $9. 8 billion in the ninth, treasure to investment group chairman zhen-hua yao to $9. 5 billion in the first ten. This year dropped out of the top 100 billionaires, its holding group chairman of the board, shenzhen - supply chain routes king co. , LTD. , chairman of the company chairman James chow, Beijing Oriental garden why qiao female name impressively in the column, etc. After the routes you ranked fourth in the 2013 Forbes China rich list, and in May 2015, listed on the hkex film power shares tumbled 47%, halved. It is worth noting that this year's Forbes China rich list worth reached for the first time the number of dollar billionaires has reached 400 people in the true sense. And the first year, Forbes China rich list released, net worth billions of dollars of Volvo is only one China.
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