3 m invisible screen window paste special back glue Velcro super viscous force torn off leaving a scar

by:BAILI     2020-10-20
Nonwoven IDEA16 international conference and exhibition review IDEA16 ( 2016年国际工程面料&会议 Expo) Nonwoven international conference and exhibition) Has been in Boston on May 2 solstice 5 convention and exhibition center. According to the organizers, the exhibition has 450 nonwoven fabric from more than 70 countries around the world related industry industry exhibition, break the record of the exhibition in 45 years, is one of the biggest exhibition. This exhibition is a nonwoven industry association (by the United States 无纺布行业协会) Hosted by the INDEX with Europe and Asia ANEX nonwoven fabric exhibition in turns, exhibition once every three years. In addition, the exhibition and the INDEX of the nonwoven fabric exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland, in Frankfurt, Germany TECHTEXTILE nonwoven Frankfurt exhibition and exhibition of the world's three largest nonwoven fabric. The first IDEAL ( ( 国际一次性用品博览会和组装) Exhibition, on display in Philadelphia in 1971, moved to New York in 1974, mostly held in Miami, Florida, after this year due to Miami in the renovation of the exhibition hall, famous science and technology city in the northeast region of the United States for the first time in Boston. The exhibition on display products include the raw material of nonwoven fabric, nonwoven fabric manufacturing machinery, engineering fabric processing coil, resin, chemical products, adhesives and disposable nonwoven product, etc. This year, according to the statistics, the exhibition industry than previous, 理想13) Sharp growth of thirty percent, mainly thanks to the Chinese industry caused by explosion. The landlord the United States is the largest participating countries, there are 188 companies exhibition; In the time that China has 184 companies exhibition ( Hong Kong seven) 27 33, Italy, Germany, Turkey, 13, India ten, nine, France, Britain and Taiwan exhibitors a total of 15, including nonwoven by Taiwan association formed by Hou letter machinery, long macro machinery, power and machinery, min into water, the Belgian, huaxin weaving, south six, and China, kang the incense, societe generale, wins all the macro industrial and participating in the far east in the new century, Formosa plastics group and south Po resin, etc. Taiwan nonwoven Machinery manufacturers use standard booths of catalog, momentum is much less than the mainland Machinery manufacturers, China nonwoven Machinery manufacturers such as YingYang Machinery, ZLINK Machinery, HCH, Creator Machinery, Shunchang Machinery such as mechanical use large type island booths of entities. The machinery of Taiwan manufacturers products are obvious levels higher than general products on display at the China pavilion. Far east of the new century, the Formosa plastics group, kang the incense, wins the macro industry, south six manufacturers such as booth design beautiful, pay attention to display image, product quality by buyer. , according to sources with the organizer of the exhibition main come mainly from North America, more than 7000 visitors accounted for 61%, time for Asia 16%, again to 13% in Western Europe, Central America, 6%, 2% in eastern Europe, Central America and the Middle East/Africa, each for 1%. Have industrial district, visitors come mainly from other industry accounted for 24%, other 21% manufacturer/supplier of nonwoven fabric, 18% raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, 14% 13% brands, secondary processors 10%. As market segregation, visitors mainly from suction eisai ( 52%) , the time for the filter material ( 过滤41%) Again, for dry material ( Wipes34%) , followed by medical/surgical and transportation for 21% 19%, home act the role ofing, disposable products 17%, 8% to 15% synthetic fabric, garments, building materials, other electronic machinery cloth 8% and 4%. On visitors functions, most visitors to the CEO, was 34%, and the remaining 15% 20% 31% followed by marketing, purchasing and r&d.
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