3M- SJ4570 mushroom buckles parameters share detailed product introduction

by:BAILI     2020-10-29
Name: 3 msj4570 back glue hook and loop mushroom head buckles ( 3 m低调能重新盖紧的双锁扣SJ4570) Product introduction, a thin thickness of the single side ( Mushroom + back glue) 18 m han side buckle up ( Mushroom + Ken glue) 24 m black mushroom head. 3M- SJ4570 mushroom buckles feature 3 M DUAL LOCK LOCK within the mushroom head goes fast and economical removable fixed. Back glue for high-performance 3 MVHB obturator acrylic double-sided adhesive. Tensile strength is 5 times the ordinary HOOK& LOOP( MAO + hook face) The hook and loop of gum can play line, matrix reduction effect will be the glue can stick: the paper gold ( Aluminum and stainless steel) A variety of plastic (glass Polypropylene, polyethylene polycarbonate ABS 。 Plasticizer resistant properties. Repeatable closed 1000 times. Can be used in high humidity environment color: transparent color of gum: 300 lse low surface energy acrylic adhesive heat resistance: 29 ~ 70 ℃ bearing force: 0. 012 ( 0. 044). Close number: 100 - 150' The whole volume specification 】 25. 4 * 45 mm wide. 7 m long and 152. 4 * 45 mm wide. Diameter of 15 mm round 7 m long specifications, 20 mm diameter circle, sliced wide and 25. Length of 4 mm * 25. 4 mm and 25 slice. 4 mm * 50 mm, incoming sample processing. ( Can die cutting processing stamping all kinds of shapes, cutting, slicing, article points, etc. ) 【 The thickness of 】 : single ( The mushroom + back glue) : 1. 8 mm double buckle up ( The mushroom + back glue) : 2. 【4毫米 Features 】 : 1: heat resistant, cold resistant, resistant to chemicals, washing, acid and alkali resistance, good electrical insulation, fire prevention; 2: this particular hook surface in the hair side, with the face, gently withhold, namely can fastening very strong, easy stripping, easy to use 3: durability, high stripping number; 4: fastening position can be arbitrary change, easy to adjust the length; Button 5: with a close, won't off the hook wool phenomenon: 3 M products in the mushroom head regardless of from the hook, or has a high evaluation from the back glue, hook and hook good stickiness, glue viscosity is better. 【 Purpose 】 Scope of application: car, yacht, ships, large equipment, automotive supplies, etc. , products after processing scope: processing, slicing, article points processing, stamping processing, etc. Construction, electronics, furniture, general industrial, medical, military, government, maintenance, packaging, retail, special vehicles, transport. Lamination adhesive materials: paper class, metals ( Aluminum, stainless steel) , glass, various plastics ( Polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, ABS) , low surface energy materials in powder coating of coating method of use: 2 slices of interlocking cut, regardless of the wool surface, one meter length interlocking actual use half a meter length 3 m double magic buckle lock fastener is a powerful, yet easy to remove the fastening solutions, in the design of you can take the place of screws, bolts and rivets. It has hundreds of mushroom stem, the buckle when hearing 1 of 'pa', form the fixed safety. Industrial fasteners series of products of hidden, when the surface of the mushroom head shape, interlocking, the tensile strength to the mechanical fixation, can be repeated opening and closing more than hundreds of times. 3 m Dual Lock give you more flexibility, quickly and easily adjusted, or to reconnect. Leave your product clean, smooth lines without interruption or hole. MSJ4570 double lock can be heavy lock fastener low configuration, suitable for indoor use, the performance of the low to moderate temperature. The product can provide up to 158 degrees high temperature resistant, can be used in aluminum, stainless steel and other metals; In addition to glass, many plastics ( Polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, ABS) Powder coating and low surface energy materials. Can paste surface materials are: bare metal, metal plating, glass, glass fiber, sealed wood, composite material structure, many plastics ( ABS/Acrylic/polycarbonate/polystyrene/hard vinyl resin/powder coating paint)
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