5 cm black Velcro cable tie material industry

by:BAILI     2020-10-25
Said to believe that everyone in the familiar, is a pervasive feature of all of the articles for daily use of Velcro as it the name of the 'magic' magic and popular, and Velcro cable tie is using the principle of producing Velcro, Velcro can be divided into two sides male female to paste, the material of the two sides made with different materials, one side is small flexible fiber and the other side is contrary to the side, slightly rough surface of hard, really want to plus or minus two sides, so you can paste the firm is not easy to fall off, Velcro cable tie under heavier pulling force when such time slightly rough surface of hard like xiaomao grasp of elastic hooklike xiaomao will be straight, glue and open it from the loop pile then can recover the original hooklike, can paste merger can stick repeatedly several times, The Times is the quality of the products and use the environment and the use method and determine the number of times) Because industrial Velcro tied with this powerful recovery can make it to a wide range of use can be seen everywhere in our life environment, Velcro cable tie also called industrial Velcro cable tie, fastening belt tie, Velcro cable ties, sticky strap tie these names are differences in every region of the term actually are the same. Industrial hook and loop cable tie it with the ordinary with difference, ordinary cable tie, design check out function, only the more tight. Velcro cable tie small make up to share the material of Velcro cable tie have those? hook and loop cable tie can be widely used in all kinds of objects often open and close fit or position, but used to more traditional sticky strap can only adopt the sewing way fixed on the product or object, for example, you can use the computers in our office internal cables and external lines to the mouse, keyboard, network cable, speaker wire, etc. , and every day we come into contact with the cell phone headset line, all kinds of power supply charger line, cable, and household appliances audio circuit, wire surrounding the cabinet strapping and carding family in all kinds of wire and cable, make them rational layout, line and tidy and beautiful, convenient and clean the whole, etc. Industrial Velcro cable tie material 5 cm black Velcro cable tie material is divided into five primary material, no kind of material has the characteristics of different purposes. Nylon material, it is not easily put out, and the abnormal soft, Velcro match is suitable for application in the clothing, and it is abnormal environmental protection material. Polyester material out easily, and can produce black smoke, was accompanied by a pungent flavor, texture hard, coarse and feels compare. Polyester and nylon mixed material combines all the features of polyester and nylon, not easy to put out, abnormal and durable. Back glue Velcro is the application of this kind of material made of nylon grade A material abnormal soft, commonly used for close-fitting clothes, but also can be used on baby, do not form the skin damage. Don't catch hair material important have not catch hair Velcro varieties, only the hair surface, hook with A grade nylon material application, daily use on the close-fitting clothes match.
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