90% of people don't know the magic stick can fire? Fire injection hook Velcro turned out to be such a fire prevention role?

by:BAILI     2020-11-02
Not penetrate hook pronunciation shech ū g u is a special high-end hook and loop, is a common connection accessories, its only hook surface, 钩) To choose collocation, and hair side can separately. Velcro are common in our life, it is mainly used for clothing, shoes and hats, and along with the progress of the era of technology, the Velcro hook surface also slowly replaced by a injection hook and replacement. For role in clothes and other objects of fire injection hook is indispensable, fire prevention hook shot through special craft processing, has the function of flame retardant, left after the fire is not spontaneous combustion, fire injection hook these advantages in the face of fire flame retardant effect. Fire injection hook hook and loop purchase way is the best online customization, can custom search on the Internet, the company according to the customer request custom any size and color, and the price is favorable, because the company has produced a fire behind the hook of the large factory. Details so, fire injection can hook hook and loop role in what place? Fire injection hook can also be applied to plastic, electronics, toys, clothing, folders, sports equipment, aviation, automobile industry, fire fighting, ship and military supplies, etc. Second, the fire injection hook Velcro advantage is obvious. Fire injection hook hook and loop can be processed into any specified shapes, simplify the design of the parts, reduce the manufacturing cost at a low design cost achieve excellent tensile performance, strong resistance to shear force, positive tension and art design space. And, of course, the biggest advantages of fire injection hook Velcro fire prevention role of fire prevention materials. Finally the enclosed cope with little knowledge of fire. Threatened by the fire, cover your body with wet clothes, bedding, etc. A safe exit to rush out. 1, when passing through smoke, try to make the body close to the ground, with a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose. 2, the body is on fire, don't run, can be rolled or use thick clothes pressure fire fighting. 3, you can not use the elevators during a fire, you must find a safe exit to escape. 4, outdoor fire, the door is hot, don't open the door, in case of fire into the interior. With a wet blanket, blocking doors and Windows, such as clothing and water cooling. 5, if all escape routes are blocked, immediately returned to the interior, use lights, swinging clothes, Shouting to send help signals to the window, waiting for rescue.
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