About the process of adhesive Velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-10

Adhesive Velcro refers to the high temperature adhesive hot melt glue machine that melts the glue behind the popular hook and loop and special Velcro tape on the basis of the popular Velcro and special Velcro tape itself, and then pastes the oily Mold agent. It is usually used in household, paper packaging, stationery, electronics, luggage and other industries.

Adhesive Velcro has a popular hot-melt adhesive, which has a higher melting point and is suitable for high temperature and summer applications. It has normal adhesion and normal weakness. The other has a higher melting point. The high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive is suitable for summer and some high temperature machines. After adhesion, the adhesion is stronger and the retention force is stronger. Adhesive technology, Velcro machine can process commonly used adhesive processing, or back-to-back lamination processing, adhesive processing can process the following information, popular Velcro glue, plastic hook glue, flannel glue, etc. Back-to-back processing data can be: ordinary crocheted fabric processing, plastic crocheted fabric processing, and ordinary crocheted fabric processing. The release paper pattern of Velcro is usually used for red, less yellow paper and bright paper, cream paper, etc. Ordinary red paper is divided into thick paper and ordinary paper. Usually, the thickness of release paper is used. If you don't say what kind of paper you want to use in your work, ordinary workers will take the initiative to use the commonly used thickness.

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