Acrylic adhesive Velcro back production and application

by:BAILI     2020-09-23
Acrylic by English Acrylics transliteration Acrylics acrylic and methacrylic acid chemicals known as, 1. Features: environmental protection, good adhesion, long time, complete specifications, etc. 2. Purpose: acrylic adhesive glue, are used in PS/PMMA/ABS/PC material, mainly used in automotive original nameplate, polishing the article proof, sealing strip, plate frame details and auto parts market, plastic toys, plastic craft products such as adhesive, between excellent then sex; Initial adhesive quickly and widely used. 3. Yakeli back glue is resistant to DOP, and does not produce glue, high temperature resistant, hard pressing needs in 24 hours after rear can peak viscosity. The late good stickiness, applicable temperature: - 20C- +110C。 It is suitable for automobile, computer, medical, bathroom supplies, etc. ; And acrylic glue extended a called acrylic glue Velcro back, we all heard, back glue Velcro can be divided into different types according to different glue, ordinary back glue hook and loop, hot melt adhesive glue Velcro, 3 m glue hook and loop back, there is an acrylic back glue Velcro, etc. , relative to other back glue Velcro, what characteristics of acrylic lamination with magic? First acrylic back glue Velcro has room temperature curing, easy operation, high bonding strength, quick positioning, high flexibility, curing non-toxic, and many other advantages; 一个。 One-component, excellent water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistant, aging resistant, resistant to acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil and without bleaching and other excellent features; b。 Dedicated to the frame, the whiteboard, and other fixed on the wall or flat; c。 Can be dismantled and replaced without leaving residual glue printing; d。 Don't need to punch nailing, can hang a thing, keep beautiful wall integrity. For glass curtain wall provided strong force in the assembly and dustproof sealing, and all kinds of needs, when construction such as insulation, sealing, connection, strapping, repair, labeling, etc. Products home appliances, advertising in digital products, electronic signs, LED panel processing and assembly have very good adhesion fixed effect. For automotive applications, automotive rubbing strip, bumper, anti-collision plate, nameplate, gone with the wind, pedals and inside and outside decoration and motorcycle nameplate, tags, subtitles paste. Acrylic back glue Velcro applications is bigger, glue viscosity, than ordinary back glue Velcro, the people in choosing a back glue Velcro according to the actual demand choice, don't be overqualified.
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