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by:BAILI     2021-04-11

Velcro refers to the basis of universal Velcro and unique Velcro tape. After the high-temperature adhesive hot-melt welding machine, the super glue melts on the back of ordinary Velcro and unique Velcro tape, and then pastes. The oil-soluble release paper layer is the finished adhesive Velcro.

Adhesive Velcro mechanical equipment can handle conventional bonding processing, and can also perform back-to-back dining processing.

General adhesive processing can process medium and model adhesives with a width of 12.5-200mm. The following raw materials can be processed for general adhesive processing; general Velcro, plastic hook glue, velvet cloth glue, etc.

The raw materials for back-to-back processing can be: ordinary crochet velvet fabric Processing, plastic crochet fleece fabric processing and conventional crochet fleece processing.

Adhesive hook and loop release paper is usually milky white, less commonly used light yellow paper, full transparent color paper and milky white paper. Generally, milky white paper can be divided into thick paper types and ordinary thin paper and thick paper. The most common is ordinary thin and thick release paper. When you don't need to say which paper to use, the general production staff will automatically let you use plain paper.

Deep processing is divided into several categories, the most common is 25 meters/roll or 50 yards/roll for immediate delivery, some are processed and cut into pieces, and cut according to customer requirements Into a certain length, and there are punching types. Punching should also be carried out in accordance with customer regulations, and also in accordance with the back-to-back method of composite processing technology. It is similar to the common back-to-back, etc., and some customers must use slitting to cut wider materials when they want an irregular total width. It is cut into the total width specified by the customer, some of which must be cut into thin slices and then processed into thin slices for further processing.

Viscosity comparison

The product itself is a viscous product. For the sticky top, it can stick almost all products. For daily necessities, it is more suitable for application. Regarding stickiness, if it is sticky, it is usually not easy to fall unless a large force is applied.

1. Convenient

After applying this product, you can paste a lot of content, so it is very convenient. If you stick this Velcro, it can be easily transported when sticking, and it is very convenient to use. Some items that can be held by hand are attached to this product.

2. Defensive

For defense, it is soft, so during the entire impact process, if this adhesive Velcro has a cushioning effect and eliminates energy, It is equivalent to a protective film, which makes the product more convenient to use.

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