Adhesive Velcro manufacturer: What to do if the Velcro sticks after a long time_

by:BAILI     2021-04-11

Adhesive manufacturers tell you that is widely used in various textile occupations, so if you often touch this product, you must learn the following skills, and also pay attention to the use, and use it for a long time. Don't pull it hard, as this will affect its service life.

Now it can be said that this kind of product is closely related to our daily life. The daily necessities, clothes, shoes, mosquito nets, luggage, sofa cushions and other items we use are inseparable from its use. Of course, this product does not have a delineated scale of use, but we cannot use it casually. As long as it is used in an appropriate place, it can truly show its features of ease of use, economy, durability, and environmental protection.

I often see it on the Internet: a girl bought a pair of beautiful shoes on Taobao. After a while, the hook and loop on the top was not sticky, and the return was very troublesome, and the postage had to be paid by herself. And annoyed. There are also boys who bought a pair of basketball shoes of their own favorite brand, and this problem also occurred. After a long time, they didn't stick, and became in a hurry and became at a loss. Mommy always likes to pick up the squeaky buckles on the shoes because the baby is slick. After a few days, the shoes become less sticky, the shoes are not stable, and they are always in a hurry. These shoes are still very new, and it is too wasteful to not wear them. What should I do? Abandoning and repurchasing is quite wasteful and not cost-effective. I will share with everyone some good ways to deal with the squeaky buckles on shoes. I hope I can help everyone.

There may be several reasons why the is not sticking:

1. The hard plastic hook surface of the product has too many sundries stuck to it. You can use toothpicks and other sharp objects to remove the sundries. Just pick out the items.

2. Use it like a splint, an iron, etc., put it on it and heat it slightly to stick.

3. The soft sticky surface hair on this product is scattered, and the sticky hair is worn off. If you need to stop the modification, the method is very simple. Find clothes that you can’t wear or other unnecessary ones with materials , Cut it up, and then use an awl to sew on the shoe with fishing thread or strong thread. You can also use your hands to rub the sticky hairs with a pressing method, and press back and forth for the time of the sticking. In fact, you have to change to a stick.

4. If you don’t have any useful products of this kind at home, you can actually go online or in a small scattered shop selling lace rubber bands, buy two feet, go home and sew it on your own. Save time and effort.

5. The above points are actually not enough to get the shoe repairing place, let the old man repairing the shoes help you change it, or go to the clothing store and change it to a new one, which is pretty good. cheap.

6. When buying shoes, pay attention to the kind that is worn through the buckle and then turned back to stick it. It is better not to loose the buckle.

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