An instance back glue Velcro in the use of electricity

by:BAILI     2020-09-08
Because of its elaborate the characteristics of short, can be used by the familiar! Now, with back glue hook and loop market demand more and more widely, many businesses according to the requirements designed all kinds of glue Velcro back. Color is all-encompassing, what color of all have, on one hand, the reason for this is for the convenience of customers, on the other hand can save more be wasted resources, avoid the waste of resources. In electrical appliances profession, Velcro commodity is more widespread, Velcro protective sleeve, sealing, and so on many goods, with the improvement of living standard, people for the pursuit of practical items is you more. Electrical goods back glue hook and loop use most, take a look at are used in what place. As our usual circuit board, portable tablet computer, the machine above, such as to be able to use the back glue Velcro, its function is very powerful. He has important factor in electrical appliances, the method used on the panels is just one of, also can be used in air conditioning, such as home air conditioning, we usually open the air conditioning, would throw the remote control, or somewhere was lost children, and now the back glue Velcro, we can rest assured, as long as you will buy back glue Velcro, double-sided gum, tear up the mold on the reverse of the paper, then stick on the remote control and air conditioning, respectively, in this way, you can open the air conditioning after the remote control paste on the air conditioner with back glue hook and loop, so to use worry!
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