And the advantages of back glue Velcro and use in their lives

by:BAILI     2020-10-11
Back glue Velcro a, belong to product of Velcro on the back of the set up strong sticky glue, so that you will easily when they are in need of is negative adhesion together, in order to achieve a better standard, is also very convenient to use, and will not cause an object dirt. Different ways of the use of Velcro and use is also different, different occasions use hook and loop to the right a bit to the maximum. Back the use of glue Velcro way is very simple, paste before the fixed position of the object, to clean the surface, it is very important, if the paste surface do not clean will affect the cohesion of Velcro. Then according to the size of the pasted object, hook and loop cutting into the same size, will tear the mold on the reverse of the paper, it is ok to paste on the object, no fixed time, on the basis of the best bonding strength. Back glue Velcro advantages: 1, very fashionable, back glue Velcro is equipped with different shape, color is also very rich, also very accord with modern people pursuit of fashion trends. 2, convenience. Back glue hook and loop when it can be directly used in together, viscosity is very strong, with less than, but use a little; Strength can be opened, can use repeatedly many times. 3, environmental protection, back glue Velcro use environmental protection nylon yarn, polyester yarn and woven very environmental protection, won't cause harm to human body. 4, the cost is low,, which has more extensively applicable scope is suitable for people of all ages. 5, easy to use, you can paste in many places, and more convenient to use, can be a little thing can can get rid of, need to use basic can use it instead of glue, and compared with glue more environmentally friendly and durable.
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