Application of gum Velcro cable tie as a product of information has the upper hand?

by:BAILI     2020-11-11

now to perhaps can cut capital, manufacturers now once more and save for capital in terms of the price of the product and material as soon as possible. Like back glue hook and loop cable tie so much material once became the first selection of many manufacturers.

back glue Velcro cable tie with can perhaps get a lot of manufacturers of, in fact, is not just because of this kind of material of the cable tie the price expensive, does not require high capital, more important reason is because of this kind of cable tie because of the constitution itself. As usual tie is made of nylon materials of this kind of strong, is strong and durable, do not need to repeat the switch also needless worry made products are originally due to viscose quality grades.

and, against the back glue Velcro cable tie, the data of this kind of cable tie to water wet, the price is expensive, which is a large number of hoarding also needless worry viscose present metamorphic grades, let alone worry because of viscose materials on the quality of performance and cause serious economic loss.

have to say that choice back glue Velcro cable tie still has a lot of the upper hand, trust this kind of information will become the most popular environmental protection material, is widely applied to people's lives.

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