Article points processing must understand the knowledge

by:BAILI     2020-11-13
Now points production lines more and more fire, so you must understand the relevant knowledge. Transmission using anti-static casters lugs, concentricity and roundness & lt; 0. 02 m/m, smooth delivery. Three coil surface without damage to the application of high and new technology. This equipment for the slitting of composite lining cloth cutting machine, as many as five built-in group pre programmed to manipulate and easy to use, cutting efficiency. By the open book ( Put a roll) , assumed that an article, slitting and winding, Winding) Equipment, etc. You can see from the chart, the higher the speed, the lower the capital, so why do so many people choose 120 of rice noodle? Because now do a low-speed machine capital, lower price is cheaper, generally 220 meters of proportion in 120 meter speed double the price, but also not many factories, 420 meters can only be done with those companies in the world, now formed the Taiwan factory is twice the price of collecting plant, high speed, such as Germany and Japan is a consortium of collecting plant 4 - 10 times. Superposed cutter design, change knife grinding easily, easy maintenance. Gassing axis of high strength aluminum alloy, qualitative light, durable, control, then. Longitudinal shear production line is important in the field of metal plate processing machinery, steel now. Aluminum. Such as copper processing plant widely used, good market prospects of proportion. Production line covers an area of about 25 by 8 meters; Now technology line of low speed in the 120 m, slitting line and slitting machine often appear together. Now some factory sheet line to 250 m, the germans to 700 m. Above, straight knife, the cutting mechanism in a special steel, hardness of HRC64 ° above, good wear resistance, long service life. Now 300 meter speed above the slitting line of Taiwan's famous companies have made a matter, according to the customer, can be made in Germany. 2 energy saving part and scale. In a 1350 type sheet all the thoughts slitting line as an example. Want to high speed, tension is an important part of, now article points the progress of host to 800 m/MIN, but tension producing device to match. It is mainly used in steel processing factory automation and high speed machines. Use the human-machine interface ( 了) Collocation of ultra-precision A. C servo control system, precise dimension, can afford to adjust and set the cutting speed, cutting length, cutting a number of parameters, and so on. Now factory rent capital more and more high, now built in some parts of the pearl river delta factory month for up to 10 - 16 yuan/M2, and has a tendency to rent increases year after year. Each year from factory rent and artificial can save the spending is as follows. Only it is easier to manufacture and maintenance, product scale is conducive to progress produce efficiency, and after-sales service, then, some metal fittings is not universal, the market can't buy, maintenance is very difficult, must use part of the future. This is slitting machine structure, the characteristic is: the layout is reasonable, manipulating profit, high automatic degree and the yield of high efficiency and high precision work, machinable various cold-rolled, hot-rolled coil, plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate, and all kinds of sheet metal after plating or painting. Because capital is higher and higher requirement for energy conservation and emissions reduction and workshop, now some old and relatively backward technology of slitting line will be eliminated, a growing number of processors and processing plants can choose has the following several slitting line. So every industry have in the use of the word, we can from the using range of slitting machine. For upper and lower axis trimming device, can adjust the alignment in the manipulation of upper and lower shaft. Can work with production line on line, on-line parameter setting function, efficiency improvement. Features: zhang, article points at the same time, reduce the number of staff to use and transport time out, effective progress production capacity, production speed. Drum looping bridge: 1 set, up and down the bridge of hydraulic oil cylinder model specifications, production line process direction: face to console, default from left to right direction, the visual user field changing direction, the above article is the machine equipment. Solid and durable CAM type cutting mechanism, precision trimming knife gap, to suit all kinds of different material and different thickness, the cutting of raw material, prolong tool life. Before sending coil to hydraulic uncoiler, steel volumes hole central to an open-book height, then import the uncoiler expansion tube tension bearings, car fall back to the original position. Its main function is to set the length of the wide roll materials direction shear into narrow size coil, got everything ready for other processing operations in the future. Slitting machine use: widely used in automotive, agricultural vehicles, containers, household appliances, packaging, building materials such as sheet metal processing industry. Equipped with double circular knife slitting knives, and cut to pieces, at the same time to complete the homework. Used for slitting paper kind: this is currently the mainstream products in packaging equipment, packaging markets often visible. Coil surface without damage of the longitudinal cut the ribbon slitting machine plate processing fee is higher, and easier to get investment back. Now has a clamp type. Several kinds of belt tension and roll tension. What are several evolved. The biggest upper platen type is low cost, a high-speed sheet production line tension is easy to hurt, and may be felt high temperature combustion; Belt tensioning type high speed is not, when, because of the large loss of that belt use capital is high, the material surface without damage is only willing to use, and the belt tensioning machine manufacturing capital is also high. Now more than 300 m/MIN models are tension roller and plate roller tension hybrid, why? Due to the tension roller can reduce the mo was found on the surface of the plate, and tension can be obtained. So he is not limited by the speed, it is in the future the main direction of slitting slitting machine research and development. To the wide roll material for longitudinal cutting equipment.
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