Baby magic stick through the process of the eu SGS standards

by:BAILI     2020-11-03

composed of polymer and nylon material injection molding, the hook of a soft material is ultra-thin, with all kinds of fastening soft materials ( Especially the fastening cloth) Supporting the hook with 2, is a magic stick series of high-end products, there are two transparent and opaque material. According to hook type, which is divided into material is ultra-thin, with all kinds of fastening soft materials ( Especially the fastening cloth) Form a complete set to use, is the hook and loop series of high-end products, transparent and opaque materials. According to hook type will be divided into 2 fine, fine ShuangGou 3, 4, coarse, reverse half 5 hooks four varieties. Referred to as '2, hook, hook number 3, 4, hook, hook on 5th. Abbreviation for 2 # clasps and 3 #, 4 # hook, # 5 hooks.

r&d folding injection hook editing this section baby, the baby Velcro

by polymer and nylon material baby Velcro, ultra-thin plastic injection hook. * * * early Velcro is an engineer George by Switzerland DE - Max he invented. Course for many years, the development of the Velcro, and technical improvements, slowly go by, will improve research and development, the Velcro ends * * * after childbirth in recent years out of the can may replace the hook and loop hook shot below hook, injection hook today has man replaced on the surface of the Velcro hook function, all at the same time is better than blue. Increase injection hook delivery company man.

the interested more folding baby injection hook and Velcro

1. Lightweight, ultra-thin, super drag, More than an average of 1000 g/cm) 。

2。 Hook bite clearance for only 1 mm, MAO ( Traditional hook hair side in 2 - Next to 3 mm) 。

3。 New injection clasps less yarn, hook type meticulous, texture on the outside of the garment sewing.

4。 Can match the reverse printing, enhance brand image, and then achieve product all points.

5。 In addition to the traditional sewing strong, can match open mode high frequency pressing, improve product delicate degree.

the screen folding

traditional fastening belt clasps + hair side new injection type

1. Using nylon single yarn weaving. 1. Using continuous injection molding, firm character, precision better.

2。 Hook hair thickness up to 3. 3 mm, less dense. 2. Hook type meticulous, strong transverse tensile, dense.

3。 Processing cutting edge is easy to take off the yarn, cloth edge is not neat. 3. Avoid sewing, high frequency pressing, different modelling can be invented.

4。 Suitable for use industry categories: cars, clothing, bags, shoes, clothing industry, medical equipment.

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