Back glue Velcro as auxiliary materials has an important role in all walks of life

by:BAILI     2020-09-24
Back glue Velcro as auxiliary materials in all walks of life to occupy important position back glue Velcro is very common in our life a paste materials, has been used into various industries, especially in clothing, shoes and hats, medical, electronics and other fields, is one of the most rapid development in the field of materials products, occupy a very important position in the market. Before this, many countries not a standard about the Velcro, so the hook and loop industry and technical development level is uneven, can not get a good specification, these reasons will directly affect the quality of the Velcro and the application in the field of development and the improvement of enterprise competitiveness. As the progress of The Times, the hook and loop continuously improve production technology, use function, environmental performance has reached the requirements of the country, under this environment, have a lot of new Velcro products and technologies emerge. Is one of the earliest production of Velcro a number of manufacturers, the weaving industry in guangdong is very developed city, occupies a certain position, the main products are back glue Velcro, back to back Velcro, Velcro hook Velcro, voltage injection and so on. By many consumers trust and love, in the enterprise itself also unceasingly to enhance quality, technology development, strive to bring customers a higher quality of Velcro. Back glue Velcro is composed of ordinary hook and loop processing, its the reverse side with a layer of gum, can easily paste in a variety of smooth surface, such as walls, tables and chairs, compared to the original nails and glue, glue Velcro back more convenient, and because it can be reused, so it is quite a good environmental performance, but should pay attention to before use must be paste on the surface of a clear sundry, otherwise it will largely affect the sticky Velcro.
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