Back glue Velcro benefits can be more than one

by:BAILI     2020-10-03
The back glue Velcro so much use and strengths, and what are the advantages? Small make up then give us a brief introduction. 1, the back glue Velcro capital at a low price, not only the right manufacturer to a large number of research and development, produce, and the price also can let the consumer can afford. 2, the use of the back glue hook and loop life is long, not changeful form, both strong tensile resistance, and excellent ductility and high melting point, very good. 3, the back glue Velcro function is much, in addition to general bonding effect, through special processing after the skin with environmental protection, affinity, flame retardant, resistance to sulfide and the cementation quality, etc. 4, Velcro color rich, can lasting persistence beautiful beautiful, especially the Velcro hair type, can have very strong adornment effect, and don't have to worry for a long period of time will become yellow, faded. 5, back glue Velcro various types and functions, can be spread to all walks of life, the most common way to clothing, bags, electronics and other professional, special field such as medicine, aviation Velcro also hit. 6, environmental protection and saving material. Back glue hook and loop material are chosen very green nylon and other materials, not only is the use, even burning also won't form the pollution to the environment. Velcro is the most basic virtues button force is strong, wide use, affordable, this advantage is now open for Velcro profession the larger stores. With the rapid development, Velcro career in break and improve constantly, make the Velcro strengths, such as beautiful, comfortable, resistance to sulfide and so on. Believe that with the support of science and technology strength and innovation of and Velcro manufacturer must be able to invent the functionality, practicality more new products.
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