Back glue Velcro booming in the globalization

by:BAILI     2020-09-25
Back glue Velcro globalization booming in the life is full of glue Velcro back, along with the advance of technology, close to the back glue magic years presents significant momentum of rapid development, many enterprises in guangdong as the main procurement center, textile accessories Velcro is of the fastest growing market in the future and stepped up into the speed of the global market. Let us begin by identifying the back glue hook and loop, it refers to the common Velcro and special Velcro strap itself, on the basis of back after high temperature hot melt glue machine, glue will melt in normal Velcro and special Velcro strap on the back, with a layer of oil from type paper, back glue Velcro is finished. The product itself is belong to a kind of viscous products, for the viscous above, it can basically all paste products, for the above articles for daily use, use it is good. For viscous above, as long as the stick, unless with great effort, general won't fall down. 1. Convenience: use this product, you can paste a lot, so it brings convenient, as long as you use the magic back stickers, can paste on convenient transport, and in use rise very convenient also, some hands to get things, however, is to paste to live by this product. 2. Protective: for protective, it itself is soft, so in the process of collision, if use the back glue Velcro can act as a buffer, give off the power, so it is the equivalent of a protective film, make the product in the use of more convenient. In the era of progress at the same time, guangdong hook and loop textiles also constantly improve their own competitiveness to more, update, all kinds of products, has launched business in domestic and foreign markets. Environmental protection standard of Velcro state-approved, after its development faster and faster, then became the important materials in the textile industry, because of its wide scope of application, in the fierce competition under the condition of economic development, environmental protection hook and loop not only had fallen on his feet in the textile industry, and the development also is beyond imagination, according to relevant data shows Velcro sales, quality is also becoming more perfect, many disadvantages are replaced by advantage before. This shows the development of environmental protection Velcro prospects will be better!
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