Back glue Velcro cable tie characteristics all have?

by:BAILI     2020-09-10
Back glue hook and loop cable tie characteristics all have? In life we often see Velcro, don't dismiss these nylon fiber. It has a lot of knowledge and principles, the connection between the Velcro can help people connect items, can help us stick receive items. From clothing apparel products to electronic equipment, Velcro is indispensable necessary parts. As is known to all, we all know the magic with a lot of classification, such as nylon Velcro, back glue Velcro cable tie, etc. , these hook and loop in their work areas and range of motion,, play an important role. Many ask back glue Velcro cable tie characteristics are what? Small make up take you to see today. First back glue Velcro cable tie is divided into ordinary and common points, ordinary low hot melt glue, this kind of comparison is suitable for low temperature environment and people are practical, because it is the low melting point preheating, high temperature melting easily. There is another high resistance to high temperature hot melt adhesive, it differs from a, it is suitable for use in the summer, often used in high temperature mechanical above. Its adhesion is strong, is a suitable for industrial production.
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