Back glue Velcro cable tie form is varied

by:BAILI     2020-09-15
Back glue hook and loop cable tie in the form of a variety of back glue Velcro cable tie, people in the heart filled with gratitude and support. Few people know it before, as people understanding of product knowledge, a lot of people know the back glue Velcro. It's a great little article, complete variety is rich, a great role. First of all, it can be pressed into various shapes, such as the protection of the people under the chair cushion, and supports advanced home appliances. It almost every day in the life of people, play a variety of roles. Back glue Velcro cable tie and a function beyond imagination. It is often used in a raincoat and a clothes handbags, in use process only need people to uncover the back Velcro cable tie with the hand, can be affixed to the smooth and clean object. So it is suitable for which items paste? Back glue hook and loop cable tie paper, coated PVC, pp, no more than an hour can achieve 90% viscosity, it is the most simple viscous seen items, convenient people's life, the wide use and good.
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