Back glue Velcro can repeatedly paste hundreds of times?

by:BAILI     2020-10-23
Back glue Velcro can repeatedly paste should be a few people will think of how many times this problem, how long can are generally want to use? Such problems as how to maintain to more durable, the back glue Velcro can use many times this is not have a precise answer is a ballpark range, there is a use of environment to analysis, small make up to you now analysis. Back glue Velcro or object is in the moment there will be a lot of products are often used to back glue Velcro cable tie, this product because this product can be very easily repeatedly open and close, through the use of this product, can make people in the process of using those products or projects will not be a lot of troubles, effectively fit after open or close. If, however, with the same this kind of product, maybe it is also very clear when this kind of Velcro products such as the repeated use of the process will often failure situation, the new product in the repeated use of the opening and closing process can be repeated many times that expire? Actually back glue hook and loop this kind of products they most cases can be repeatedly opening and closing times reached more than ten thousand times, for some products or projects, if not always a lot for opening and closing, this kind of product is completely can meet the demand. This is the back glue Velcro products become very popular in the market. See the above introduction of wondering whether your heart has been solved, back glue Velcro has gradually been recognized by the market's future development is also just around the corner.
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