Back glue Velcro can solve the problem of the doors sound?

by:BAILI     2020-10-04
Back glue Velcro can help you to solve the doors sound well. I don't know whether or not you meet driving too slow speed over uneven terrain, heard the door creak sound. All the problems that many owners, they are all reflected in his beloved car after 10000 kilometers of the doors sound will happen. These problems will affect the mood of the owner, so we need to find a solution to it. You now have a back glue Velcro, using it we can effectively solve the problem of the doors sound, specific methods described below. This method of using the back glue hook and loop solution: a lubricating oil on the door strip or pasted on doors, 'MAO' stick, professional term is 'sticky strap back' oh, we usually only need to use the 'rough', no 'button'. Effect: the above method can solve the problem caused by the door strip. Suggestion: personal feel practical MAO will stick a bit better, after all, not accidentally get lubricating oil. To this, I believe that everyone can understand the back glue hook and loop solution to the door of the sound, as long as you are that one back th glue Velcro, using the method mentioned above can solve these problems.
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