Back glue Velcro, choose not to regret

by:BAILI     2020-10-11
Back glue Velcro, 3 m back glue, high temperature resistant nylon back hook and loop adhesive Velcro is a common Velcro fastening belt, it is very convenient disassembly, usually nylon back glue Velcro application in electronics, wire and cable, stationery, department stores, and articles for daily use, etc. Back glue Velcro strap also can be called a binding, binding wire, etc. , it is made of nylon material injection molding, fire rating up to 94 v - 2, nylon Velcro cable tie of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and so on are all very good, and nylon Velcro also not easy ageing, bear ability is very strong. Operating temperature can be - Between 20 ℃ to 80 ℃, nylon Velcro can also be applied in mechanical equipment on the oil pipe fixed, fixed cable line on ships, and so on. Back glue Velcro strap has tied fast, good insulation, easy to use, low cost, stable quality, suitable for large quantity and we can according to customer requirements stamping shape of various sizes and colors. Especially the sea back glue Velcro. Back glue Velcro mold, injection molding process and the material is very exquisite, usually can be made of nylon Velcro are qualified 3 m9448a Velcro. Back glue Velcro on the back is after high temperature coated with a layer of special since the glue water, in turn, used to need only hard will be sticky material of gum and pressing, simply and easily opened the back hook and loop, the debonding of the paper can be pasted on each type of smooth clean object. Scope: plastic PVC, paper products, automotive supplies, stationery, plastic, raincoat, leather, metal, wood, electronic, glass, ceramics, bathroom supplies, etc. As technology improvement and improve, what we need is the sprint, more and more things have been many simple quality stable good things instead of creativity, so that we more and more by simplification, the pursuit of fashion, more and more quality, even a small hangers don't pass, has been accepted by transformation, there are many different forms of hangers, but the design of these hangers are green color, are all fixed hob, then hang on a rod, if the wind blows, immediately jump out, and living your clothes away. Because people demand, has now developed a satisfactory a hook and loop hook hangers. The back glue Velcro convenient, completely beyond traditional hooks, no nailing, no drilling, away from the installation procedures, with a stick can be attached to you want to install the smooth surface, can waterproof, because it USES a new soft rubber elasticity and smooth over face after compaction, don't have to worry about the entry of air and water, is much better than the stickers and double-sided adhesive hook. Super weight ( A small hook normal weight up to 2 kg and 5 kg) , can be arbitrary displacement condition using effect. Can be washed, dried, instantly restore its paste properties. Easy to remove, can be repeated use and will not be posted on the surface of damaged, also need not change new strip, a is worth more pieces, environmental protection and save money. No residue leaving 100% a trace, shift light, stick close to hang. Back glue, do not glue the hand, don't fall off. Safe environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no glue, use more at ease. Well-designed diversity, rich and colorful, a variety of design, can be used in the office, bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, shops, etc. Both practical and beautification household, feast for the eyes! Can do OEM, printing customer specified design, LOGO and words, to promote customers own brand. Can according to customer's requirement to do advertising gifts. Advertising, to build corporate image, promotional activities such as play a good publicity effect. Environmentally safe non-toxic choose the back glue Velcro, is your best choice!
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