Back glue Velcro close contact with airplane seats magazine bag!

by:BAILI     2020-09-08
Don't know you ever notice when flying a plane seat magazine bag, the inside of the spring at the time of flight instability is easy to pop up easy to scratch the passenger, if do not pay attention to. Pose a safety hazard, and directly affect the comfort of passengers. After a survey found that this is not a few, immediately to the attention of the chief of the problem. As the saying goes, subtleties in people, maintenance work also is so, the work should be from the subtleties, care should be to stretch out his hand to feel. So the chief and staff actively explore solutions together, everybody by comparing various options, experiment, measurement, finally determine the textile back glue hook and loop, after many attempts to further witnessed the advantages of this method is rapid and reliable. At this point, the decision: each section and combined with the method applied to workshop HangHou full implementation of the work! Results the decision also received unanimous support employees, magazine bags refitting project soon. Although the bitter tired, but looking at neat seat magazine bags, staff is also beauty in the heart on the face. Magazine bag is small but passengers often contact and the use of facilities, a clean and neat without damage magazine bag, can improve the airline passenger comfort and satisfaction. Cabin shop maintenance personnel in order to better implement the four-star service normalization, the five-star standard docking actively, start small, starting from the details, through small magazine bags, travelers to convey thick cabin.
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