Back glue Velcro convenience and protection is introduced

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
Now many people are very keen to use back glue Velcro, because in their view, back glue hook and loop than normal Velcro is more convenient, more comfortable, more easy to paste, just lightly, a layer of oil from the type of paper, not only can shorten our working time, improve work efficiency, also can bring different visual experience. In fact, in our daily life, the application of the back glue Velcro is very broad, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, applicable range: household, paper, electronics, stationery, raincoats, plastic, PVC, leather, bags, auto supplies, metal, arts and crafts, glass, handbags, bathroom supplies, etc. Can also according to customer demand stamping all kinds of shapes, the product also can be used for protection of 櫈 chair foot pad, fixed products and other fields. Gum hook and loop sticky contrast: the product itself is a kind of viscous products belong to, and for viscous, it can basically all paste products, for the above articles for daily use, use it is good. For viscous above, as long as the stick, unless with great effort, generally will not fall down, advantages: convenient, protective. When using glue Velcro strap back we will have the following kinds of non-stick general conditions and solve some tips: ( 1) We are using glue Velcro strap back after a period of time, the hard plastic inside the face of the hook stick a lot of chop suey sundry, this is very good, as long as we use convenient to impurity to pick out what you can. ( 2) A hook and loop strap not sticky situation, we can look for objects that can be heated, a little bit into it a little while heating, can stick stuff again later. ( 3) The side like a fur fur fell off, we just slightly changed, from other clothes or other place to find useful back glue Velcro strap material, cut it down to sew on, it can be reused again. If can't find good useful back glue Velcro strap, also can use some good shopping, search is meeting some, you just to learn something you sew. ( 4) If you still can't solve the problem? No way out, then you can take to have the tailor make them for you to change a. ( 5) Also, is that you should pay attention to when buying shoes choice, is the best choice that can return overdo paste that back glue Velcro strap will be better oh, because that's not easily came out. ( 6) Finally, we in the use of the back glue Velcro strap, also must pay attention to his material, because it is easy to be damaged. In order to not cause damage to you must pay attention to the ah, so you can make better paste it. Back glue Velcro although small objects, but they can play a big role, this magic stick the missing part in our life. Believe that a lot of people have encountered the above problems, their favorite shoes, bags, clothes, etc. Not sticky, and like it very much, loathe to give up just like that don't wear, you can try to share tips above, learned to use back glue Velcro, later will not have to worry about!
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