Back glue Velcro diapers several use erroneous zone

by:BAILI     2020-10-02
These two years, about the back glue hook and loop diapers gossip but didn't hear less: wearing a diaper rash, red ass ah, is not conducive to baby defecation exercises, even kill testicular sperm! These were not enough, cold even to singling out, as a guide for shopping consumer expert, second brother can't see it, is close friends certainly good reason, can't let soft weak weak 'soft fat man' to take the blame! Myth: back glue hook and loop diapers crotch widened, the child's legs to break, the longer it will lead to the leg deformation. All babies are born 'O leg', this is normal physiology phenomenon. Generally to 1 year old half will walk smoothly, also President of straight, and even become 'x leg', in elementary school before long straight. These natural growth rule, I have you, it's none of diapers? Erroneous zone 2: it is a good back glue Velcro diapers, a big tuo fu on that, especially when the weather is hot also prone to eczema, diaper rash, red bottom. Emphasize 'eczema' first of all, actually should be called dry rash, this is the skin dry, cracked, seep the wet tissue fluid. So think diapers, more and more good mothers listen carefully: eczema cured due to skin is too wet, wrong! Eczema skin is very dry, diapers should do keep baby's skin has certain wet softness. Caused by diaper rash and red ass the culprit is urine, feces isometric time contact. If you don't timely replacement, or to wipe a bottom with the water mark, ranging from dry hurried on diapers, the rash will arrive. This has nothing to do and not breathe freely, even pure cotton diapers, often covering her wet bottom will be red. Myth 3: baby girls vagina short, with back glue Velcro diapers clean sanitation, boys don't have that much exquisite, wu much can lead to infertility. Emma! ! ! Think too much! No matter where the diapers package, the local temperature was higher than that of only 1 ℃. Do not prevent the basic principle of double embryo biology, the baby in infants and young children period, there is no sperm in testis, this is because the inside of the song is a tube or a solid, has not yet reached mature sperm production and the environment! Myth 4: back glue Velcro diapers when touching the soft quality is better, feel is too thin absorbent is not strong. Second brother thinks, the more assured quality products will always higher than the same kind of pricing, it is not hard to understand. But just '. . . . . . ', think that import product quality strictly, high standard, must be suitable for the domestic baby, this is not right. There are a lot of mother reaction, the same types of diapers and sizes vary considerably in different countries, Asian countries have the best short slightly tight, groin, while Europe and the wider. In addition to the blind pursuit of big brands, whether for their baby body is the best policy. Myth: back glue Velcro diapers will try to choose the small size of a yard, the waist have a hook and loop can be adjusted, not sliding sideways is at the bottom of the event. Especially female treasure mother, often feel as long as can stick on Velcro, this kind of diapers can, slightly tight crotch point also is ok. Whether sliding sideways, it does not depend on the size, the key lies in the materials and cutting process. Although cements the Velcro, but the side sleeping, thigh root was le out of the red line. Choose the diapers, both to the reference weight range, and to combine the baby's leg thick degree itself, on the basis of can into his finger. Don't be too small nor too tight. Too much model is prone to leakage, but also because the store is too small urine than the strength of the diapers and flow back. Myth: baby as long as will stand will go, don't waste money and buy back glue Velcro diapers, clothing is not convenient also delaying study independent toilet. In fact, early free defecate feel meaning is more conducive to children, help to inspire their willingness to independent toilet, not forced to in my mother's password, nervous or uncomfortable. Myth: some old man excessive savings, feel the child wearing only for a while back glue Velcro diapers, nor pee, then use the next day. Any tape a child's skin, diapers how much protective layer on the surface of the part will be destroyed. In addition to the friction after scurfy, already got a lot of bacteria in the breeding, even if the surface is clean, actually already had the very big health risks.
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