Back glue Velcro for the elderly to bring more comfort

by:BAILI     2020-09-24
Back glue Velcro for the elderly to bring more comfort in life you must have seen back glue hook and loop, the family has its use in household and office, this is just one of the hook and loop, and there are many kinds of Velcro also brought our life a lot of convenience. The elderly due to decreased body resistance, bone become loose, many conventional shoes can't meet their needs, in a long time will be very uncomfortable, this time the magic stick can play its use. hook and loop shoes surface made by the use of dupont nylon parachute, although is cloth kind, but it is more valuable than the finest leather. Vamp can be hold high 3 cm, the width can be extended to 13 cm, the advantage is that can meet a lot of foot deformation of old people wear, don't feel grinding feet, extrusion. Ordinary shoes after a long time may have overlapping toes, hallux valgus. Many older people experience after all say: feet have how old, big of shoes. This shows, hook and loop really attracted a lot of old people. In addition, this type of walking shoes design can buffer pressure on the foot, foot joint pain effectively, improves comfort. And the design of the vamp without LACES, USES the back glue Velcro, along with the height of the instep different can adjust the height of the shoes, shoe head loose not tight. Back glue hook and loop works in older people, not just in the young people and even infants are equally applicable, it USES the convenience and safety, were deeply attracted many people's favorite.
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