Back glue Velcro fuzz do, teach you how to avoid not napping

by:BAILI     2020-10-23
Pulled a layer of fluffy pile fabric surface evenly or woolly, make loose thick and soft fabric, to keep warm, wear resistance, textured concealment, pattern soft beautiful. Napping in woolen textile finishing is a very important process. Said to fluff the word believe everyone dislike, fluff fluff is caused by bad quality, the problem of gum problems will, is still very upset how to avoid these problems? In today's many areas are frequently back glue hook and loop cable tie the high frequency of product type, use the back glue Velcro products can be helpful for people to solve the problem of all kinds of cable tie, and this product is easy to operate, can free combination and into. Also because of this the characteristics of easy operation, make the back glue Velcro products in today's many areas are often applied. You may have found that when this product is easy to be in the process of using always fluff, once this kind of product, such problems will seriously affect the usage of this kind of product, and even cannot be freely glue. So should how to avoid the happening of this kind of situation? Back glue Velcro except in the daily use of this product should be careful, even at the time of picking back glue Velcro products, be sure to select those who have the quality guarantee, durable products, such ability in the back glue hook and loop products repeatedly glue, will not appear in the process of detached burr.
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