Back glue Velcro has what effect

by:BAILI     2020-09-28
Back what role does glue Velcro has back glue Velcro also called sticky strap, or call double-sided adhesive Velcro back, it is made of nylon Velcro on the back of the high-temperature coated with a layer of special generated since the glue water, when use will be sticky material pressing hard, just opened the back Velcro, the debonding of the paper can stand on all kinds of smooth objects. Back glue Velcro has the characteristics of stable quality, can be suitable for a large number of purchase, or according to the requirement to design all kinds of sizes and colors. It is usually used in the raincoat, timber, electronics, metal, glass and other products. Clothes, handbags, also use the back glue hook and loop, it can be pressed into various specifications and shapes, and convenient and can protect senior audio and other household electrical support, some families install the floor tile, don't want to be a desk and a chair scratch, use the back glue hook and loop to protect. Back glue Velcro is divided into three categories: 1, it has the common hot melt glue, its melting point is lower, suitable for use in low temperature environment and winter, its adhesive strength and the powerful are very general. 2, another back glue Velcro is resistant to high temperature, the melting point is high, suitable for use in the hot summer and some high temperature on the mechanical of the adhesive strength and have a strong. 3, and there's a 3 m back rubber products, rubber cutting is the use of 3 m adhesive products on the back of the magic into corresponding specification, is a kind of special high-grade processing products. Back glue Velcro cable tie fixed on the online first, and then tied up, avoid the loss and bundling, hook face short, will not hurt the surface of the wire bundle, is a good tool to whole family wire.
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