Back glue Velcro hook is MAO the thinner the better?

by:BAILI     2020-10-14
Feel nylon back glue hook and loop or unable to meet your requirements, you need to be more soft! Back glue Velcro hook contrast MAO, often hook face more hard, so there will be a lot of guests stagger, polyester wool + blended hook, or blended hair + nylon hook. Even so, but as people's demand is higher and higher, do you need a more soft glue Velcro back, so that their products can stand out from the crowd? In what areas, people have realized the importance of this soft fine back glue Velcro? We chose a more soft thin back glue Velcro ( Also called soft thin hook) , because you need to use the soft fine back glue hook and loop, can better protect the contact, prevent scratch! So on medical appliances, sports goods, there have been more and more guest is try to use soft fine back glue Velcro, the skin is so important, so that we always pay attention to wear comfortable. So if you are a manufacturer, you need to seriously consider. Here I need to introduce fine soft sticky strap features: 1. Check mark on the surface of the special soft, the surface if you use a hand to hold, you will find it as thick cotton points! 2. Hook because of the special soft, its cohesiveness will most likely be inferior to general fastening belt, but because of work is often tangential bonding strength, the path MianRuan fastening belt can deal with good, so the viscous force basic can meet the requirements. 3. I company produces the soft gum hook and loop only to hook surface, matte surface is still commonly use nylon hook and loop, because hook wool are too fine words will seriously affect the bonding strength.
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