Back glue Velcro how to distinguish the viscous force of glue?

by:BAILI     2020-09-20
Back glue hook and loop how to distinguish the viscous force of glue? Back glue Velcro also called back adhesive cingulate, is on the basis of ordinary hook and loop itself, through the hot melt glue machine, glue on ordinary magic stick on the back, with a layer of oil from type paper, back glue Velcro is finished. Back glue Velcro glue viscous force depends on what use glue, glue with normal temperature glue, special glue, glue, glue in low temperature, imported rubber and so on, each kind of glue corresponding to different environments and places, such as ordinary double-sided gum hook and loop, it can only be used in the daily place such as the paper bag, carton; Viscose belongs to the strong back glue Velcro, viscous force is 2 times of ordinary glue, can stick the smooth place such as glass, as for the resistance to high temperature and low temperature glue, belongs to environment of glue, can according to the customer to use different and change, can reach - at low temperature 20 degrees, high temperature can be up to + 140 degrees, viscous force, like, viscose, as for the imported rubber and viscous force is three times as many ordinary rubber. When we buy back glue hook and loop, must pay special attention to, can according to the place you used to buy suits own back glue Velcro, suits own is the best. - hook and loop - Fastening belt - shenzhen Guangzhou Velcro
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