Back glue Velcro in different material that the performance of the adhesive surface

by:BAILI     2020-10-09
Selected standard back glue Velcro. ( 1) Consider the kinds of cementing material properties intrusive and hardness; ( 2) Considering the shape of the cementing material structure and process conditions; ( 3) Load and methods of the bonding area is taken into account, Tensile, shear force, stripping force, etc. ) ; ( 4) Considering material special requirements such as thermally conductive resistance to high temperature and low temperature. Back glue hook and loop adhesive surface material properties ( 1) Metal: metal appearance of oxide film by appearance, simple glue joint; Because of the adhesive bonding metal two-phase linear expansion coefficient difference is too big, sub simple happen internal stress; Other metal rubber parts for water prone to electrochemical corrosion. ( 2) The greater the polarity of rubber, rubber, glue joint action, the better. Meantime nitrile neoprene polarity, cementing strength; Natural rubber, silicone rubber and butyl rubber polarity is small, stick relay is weak. Other rubber exterior often have release agent or other free of additives, hinder the bonding effect. ( 3) Wood: is a porous material, easy absorption of moisture, cause the scale change, and stress have occurred. Other, polishing material is better than appearance of rough wood glue joint function. ( 4) Plastic: the polarity large plastic its adhesive function well. ( 5) Glass, glass appearance from microcosmic point of view is by countless uniform rough parts. Use wet adhesive with good sex, prevent bubbles possible influence the bump. Else, the glass is si - o- As the main body structure, its outer surface adsorption water easily. Because of strong polarity, glass adhesive polarity easy hydrogen bonding with appearance, constitute a strong adhesive. Glass is brittle crack and lit again, should be considered when choosing adhesives to these. Have professional Velcro manufacturer? Has 10 years of production experience, its unique back glue technology but also can meet all kinds of material on the surface of glue and, tear and leave no trace, has been far ahead of their peers. In services, textile support one day take sample, three single all over the world, with the high efficiency of seven days. More product information, welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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