Back glue Velcro in the application of the life

by:BAILI     2020-09-26
Back glue hook and loop in the application of life back glue Velcro paste can also be used for daily life or fixed something, such as sofa cushion for leaning on and carpet of fixed, fixed or cups and desks and chairs can be completed with Velcro. Because it is very common in our daily life, and can be used by anyone skilled, so for the back glue hook and loop or have very big development space in the future. Believe that with the progress and development of productive forces, the future of the back glue Velcro on technology and function is more perfect, it makes our life more simple. With the development of the electronics industry, back glue Velcro also get a lot of application in electronic. Such as notebook computer power cord, some small electronic devices of coat, or in some large-scale production workshop, can use the back glue Velcro to organize messy and all kinds of wire and cable, bind them apart, used to prevent the machine at work or workers touch circuit malfunction caused by accident, affect the work, also can be in machine failure to timely troubleshooting resume normal work, so, a lot of processing factories are back glue Velcro is used to place the production workshop of classified data line bundle. Clothing industry is the top first, with the development of today's society, are also constantly accelerate the pace of life, so, concise and fast clothing decorative way also more and more get the favour of people. Especially for some children, such as buttons and lace-up connection, for them to be proficient in operation still has the certain difficulty, so have many applications that use hook and loop, such as use it to replace the lace-up shoes or paste in the clothes of the neckline, cuffs, then it was convenient for children a lot.
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