Back glue Velcro in use process there will be a problem

by:BAILI     2020-09-23
Back glue hook and loop use there will be a problem in the process of use right back glue Velcro can effectively prolong life back glue Velcro is a consumable, in many places we need to use them, back glue Velcro is on the back of ordinary products coated with a layer of hot melt glue, the glue viscosity is very big, it can stick on high density or high polymer objects, very useful, and in our home, we often can see them, as the extension of time, they also can appear many problems, this needs us to maintain them well, so use of generalship is longer, a lot of friends at the time of using no long before it broke, then they will feel is back glue Velcro appeared quality problem, actually otherwise, the problem is in the process of using their way, let's say what to do when in use? 1. Glue Velcro back after a long time will have the effect of non-stick, because its surface and a degree of damage of the wool surface, mainly is the hair above don't roll, hook surface become straight, the two sides are formed at high temperatures, so when you find the product because the non-stick can use the electric iron used for pressing products in the home to a surface, in the case of high temperature, these two material on the surface of the naturally curly. The viscosity will be back. 2. Viscosity variation may also be related to hook surface and with the wool surface debris, using the environment is different, it will be garbage attach themselves to it, so when the paste will reduce the contact area and at that time a lot of people will think that is a bad product, in fact, as long as the above clutter with needle and thread to pick clean, its viscosity can be the same as the original, it won't cause a waste of resources, often clean up can bring a good quality for Velcro. 3. It opened the way you also should pay attention to the products to open the can only be opened up and down, but not too fast, too fast will have an impact on its two sides, once two times that's ok, but the number is much, the face of the product will be hurt, here the most taboo is about to open, this will cause the back glue hook and loop corset fracture, products will be useless, early you can only buy again. Back glue Velcro used widely, its performance and advantage is out, want to let it can bring us more advantages, we must put them maintain good, can delay their consumption.
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