Back glue Velcro is how glue?

by:BAILI     2020-10-07
Looking at the back glue Velcro that glue layer, do you know how he painted on? Textile and introduce it to you under the gluing process. Back glue Velcro refers to the general hook and loop and special hook and loop strap on the basis of their own, through high temperature hot melt glue machine, glue will melt in general and especially the opposite side of the Velcro tape, with a layer of oil from type paper, is the back glue Velcro products. Is a kind of dangerous goods, but the cost is very low, and the stripping have good color fastness and gluing every 60 minutes to 40 y y speed, temperature 150 '( 2 - 5-170 ℃, bake 7 minutes, that is, complete. Back Velcro adhesive matters should be paid attention to: 1, Velcro tension adjustment. 2 and blade Angle adjustment. 3, make sure the front side of ribbon distinguish stitched. 4, avoid to take turn affect quality, caused by defective rate. 5, avoid belt has a crease. 6, pay attention to the feed tank material presence do moderate supplement. 7, distinguish the color of the Velcro by the shallow and deep, the gluing process. Textile is the precision on the back glue hook and loop processing factory, our free sample design, welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng
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