Back glue Velcro is how to produce

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
Back glue hook and loop back glue hook and loop produce process has the following program 1, the first is the quality of the weaving machine will need the material nylon yarn by the ribbon woven into germ band shape. 2, and then in the high temperature dyeing equipment will certainly germ band dyed all sorts of color you need. 3, the back glue Velcro ( Back glue Velcro) Suede germ band is to dye the color in first by raising machine equipment by germ band suede color appearance, after brushing up the curly by sizing shapes. 4, hook is will dye good hook surface sizing to finalize the design after the germ band appearance of nylon monofilament through import cutting machines hook to uniform the appropriate block monofilament constitute sticky germ band with a hook. 5, back glue Velcro ( Back glue hook and loop) Germ band eventually then through import article points books equipment points, article points to the required width of various specifications. Then after the block length required for the roll packing products.
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