Back glue Velcro is widely used

by:BAILI     2020-10-07
Life a lot of places can use back glue Velcro, indeed, back glue Velcro greatly has made our life, so, textile is easy for you to introduce the benefits of the back glue Velcro. Back glue Velcro refers to the regular Velcro and special Velcro strap itself, on the basis of back after high temperature hot melt glue machine, glue will melt in normal Velcro and special Velcro strap on the back, with a layer of oil from type paper, back glue Velcro is finished. Back glue Velcro the debonding paper white is usually used, less with yellow paper and transparent color paper, ivory paper, etc. Slice square back glue hook and loop general white paper has more points, and the average thickness, commonly used is ordinary thickness from the shape of the paper, the production if you don't say with what kind of paper, when the general production personnel will automatically give you use average thickness. Guests can according to the type of gum rushed Velcro required the product material to make the corresponding glue. Can be pressed into various specifications and shapes, can be used for protection of 櫈 chair foot pad, also can protect advanced audio and video and other home electric support, also can be used for the raincoat, clothing, handbags, simply and easily opened the back Velcro, the debonding of the paper can be pasted on each type of smooth and clean. Especially suitable for paper, coated PVC, PP, ABS, paste viscosity after 1 hour and can reach 90%, convenient and quick, is very versatile. In manufacturing industry, type of gum rushed Velcro is a 'star', because it has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, so it has been very good development. Back rubber stamping Velcro applies: stationery, computer supplies, household items such as sewing not easily, not easily voltage processing all kinds of products. High frequency Velcro, fastening belt can use high frequency welding voltage direct pressure on the PVC material, good stickiness, fall off not easily, avoid sewing, norms diversity, raw materials and dye used for the product USES the international recognition, low environmental standards, and by the state with line supervision inspection, reached the level of similar products and can be used repeatedly, for the customer needed to develop new products, and packaging can be according to customer's requirements. Back the development of rubber stamping Velcro is the benefits of the clothing industry, is to make clothing better quality, durability, and now the back glue flush type request is also more and more high, the development of science and technology constantly, drives the development of the industry, the pursuit of innovation, and advanced believe back rubber stamping Velcro will develop better and better in order to improve people's way of life as the goal, to study of production quality, to provide customers high quality and low price to carry on the back glue Velcro, we free design model, also can be customized to map, welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng
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