Back glue Velcro make our life more easy and convenient

by:BAILI     2020-10-26
In our daily life, we besides attaches great importance to the kua good and interesting job, and no value around some applicable products? Our busy day, is basically don't want to move back to home, but home is more than one hundred square meters only one just can let me stretch position, you can imagine how much is messy, ugly, in the study of the book, wire are crammed with whole bedroom,, clothes, bags, see there seems to be a thief home invasion general clutter in the home, that if we have to deal with it, so how to deal with will be more quickly and save time and can pick up the goods with good? Do not brief work, then you have to prepare something to pick up first - — gum hook and loop Back glue Velcro life everywhere, everywhere, there is. Now its use range is very wide, such as bed nets, use the back glue hook and loop portable action mosquito nets and warm, suitable for indoor or outdoor use directly, its primary structure consists of a pipe rack by several groups of joint cooperation each other set of groups, constitute a account of the state of space frame, iron frame in account peripheral pick and choose in accordance with the applicable to cover the bill of loading account or tight cloth and a warm room use, together with the nets in the account and warm cloth cover the full closed group and cooperation with zipper or fastening buckles with opening and closing as the import and export, and completely avoid mosquito into cold and frost resistance, and in the bottom of the group set a bottom mat to lie down and comfortable, the other in the warm account more hot air generating equipment can be mounted to the increased internal warm and cold frost resistance function. This is fastening bring nets bring outstanding role, Velcro trust in the near future there will be a big improvement. In many parts of our life can also everywhere can see the shadow of the back glue Velcro around us, such as our computer line, cable, with the spread of put it there, and I don't know what kind of things in it, or to use some rope or wire bound with respect to OK, it is neither beautiful nor is convenient, I here there is a Velcro cable tie with worth a try, very good, very convenient, you only need to transfer lines to cut Velcro band around the circuit line will be tied down, is very convenient, I like, the back glue hook and loop is nylon material, adhesive number not less than 20000 times, environmental protection and have beautiful convenience, when will you use it silently dragged away with respect to OK. Very good use.
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