Back glue Velcro, make your life easier

by:BAILI     2020-10-12
Velcro cable tie widely used broad, MAO parts design and fastening ability strong, convenient bundle, bear ability is strong. Back glue Velcro material is made of high quality nylon, wear-resisting durable, is one of the good helper that occupy the home life, Velcro cable tie is a branch of Velcro products, divided into two male female faces, after the two sides effective contact each other hook, form the binding force, will tie hook and loop is male female hook and loop together, long a nap is a part of the mother, at the other end of the reverse side to make up with a small plastic hook of the stick, so it's convenient to use Velcro cable tie in the model of fixed and strapping some of the larger objects, such as batteries, computer lines, such as electronic governor, and the Velcro cable tie can be repeated use, rather than cheaper cable tie, back glue Velcro is more widely used. Simple ideas back glue Velcro, is a good assistant to solve the life little embarrassed. Back glue Velcro not only can be used in the field of all kinds of examples below attached can also help you to all kinds of instruments, can be applied to the industries, such as toys, gloves, what activities, plastic electronics, zhang ping, shoes, dress up, a lot of equipment, are doing well, said outside you see if you can use your imagination to facilitate your career, and very pleasing to the eye, but also can avoid the soles of your feet and stretching. Use back glue Velcro workshop material management, also is easier? For more information on back glue Velcro, welcome calls: 15920637637 / beam total. We will provide you customized back glue hook and loop, and provide free samples.
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