Back glue Velcro material and function

by:BAILI     2020-11-04

back glue Velcro, back glue: self-adhesive Velcro back, PS adhesive) On rubber high Zhou Bojiao (PC), From material points: back glue not cottony Velcro, back glue not fluff fastening belt, back glue not grab the hook and loop, back adhesive and cingulate, don't catch hair back glue not brush Velcro, back adhesive and cingulate, don't brush back plastic injection, rubber plastic hook, back glue injection Velcro, lamination baby products Velcro, back glue injection hook Velcro, ultra thin gum ultra thin Velcro, lamination ultra thin stick cingulate, black magic stick of gum, gum color Velcro, lamination white Velcro, back adhesive and cingulate, black back adhesive and cingulate, white back glue color fastening belt, back glue hook hook and loop, MAO back glue hook fastening belt, MAO back glue Velcro hook with MAO surface, back adhesive and cingulate, hook wool with surface lamination mushroom head Velcro, back glue stick mushroom head strap, adhesive stickers, since the sticky strap, the back adhesive belt, window screen special back glue Velcro screens back glue Velcro, self-adhesive stickers, hot glue Velcro ( The back glue not stick, via high temperature can stick) Back glue, plastic zipper, 3 m Velcro, 3 m9448 back glue Velcro from function points: ordinary back glue Velcro, high temperature resistant adhesive Velcro back, Temperature range: 0 - 90 degrees c) , high and low temperature resistant back glue Velcro ( - 20 - + 110 degrees c) , waterproof glue hook and loop back, sticky back glue Velcro ( Such as PVC) 。 Gum to core belt: role: suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy frame, handicraft is not easy to sewing decorative purposes. From shape points: type glue Velcro back, round back glue Velcro, rectangle back glue Velcro, Velcro flush type, with the type of fastening, dot Velcro, dot fastening belt, round the back adhesive belt, slicing back glue hook and loop, sliced adhesive back strap, round, oval, triangle, rectangle, punching forming ( Cutting into various shapes according to customer requirements) , the screen is special back glue Velcro

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