Back glue Velcro material how to distinguish

by:BAILI     2020-10-15
I've always wanted to make a video to illustrate the back glue hook and loop material how to recognize, because only use words to describe it is very difficult! Why is that? Because I now want to explanation is the simplest method to distinguish, if conditional friends personally try best! If a friend read my articles, how many have read the material classification basic back glue hook and loop for polyester, blended yarn and nylon! So I don't do more for the classification of the material, mainly discuss today is how to fastening belt material respectively. Later I will introduce more ways, but those who need some experience, today give you say is the most simple way. Used friend will encounter such problems, more or less yourself to recognize not clear is that material, can only ask the seller, the tragedy is that all the sellers will be truthfully inform, shoddy examples abound. I have a customer always to me nervous at this moment, the back glue Velcro material has confirmed to reconfirm. I asked him why do you not trust? He said many times already, you don't know is fool, or direct's assurances, blended, the results give a polyester. Secret spot trading for the first time to blend, second to polyester, small-scale operations. Are now a habit, every time to confirm, uncertain seriously don't rest assured. Then he how to identify, because you don't know, only this way cut point to other store to ask, because he could not tell out. I told how to distinguish material after several trading method, looked at each other a surprise, this method is good, because of the simple, if he will not learn, with experience but this method does not need to tell the experience. I cut a piece of polyester back glue Velcro, lighting it and let him have a look, at first he didn't know what to do. I told him, pay attention to the back glue hook and loop flutter of black smoke? He says it is. It smells? He said a little smelly, Excitant odour) 。 Then I point the blended material. The same questions. His answer is similar, is also a black, also a bit smelly. But compared to the color of the polyester light, smell is also weak. Light nylon turn, the difference is big, the smoke is white and no smell. I said to him: as long as the back glue Velcro contains polyester, the smoke is black, and pungent smell. So this method is the best nylon and burn everything you see. Black smoke, the smell, if the seller said all nylon, so is the fool you, because there must be a polyester. But how to distinguish between polyester and blended ( Blended with polyester) , if you have several times to watch, you can also distinguish the burning, can't distinguish, take two to burn together, under the contrast. This is the method, simple as long as able to distinguish the burn out. I think I'll add a free video, to show you what is the different material in the process of combustion.
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