Back glue Velcro material production process, material, use steps

by:BAILI     2020-10-24
Item description: strong back glue Velcro 3 M double-sided adhesive Velcro circle back glue Velcro craft: imported hot melt adhesive coating machine, code rewinding machine, stamping machine, the exhaust machine, slicing machine, such as color: white, red, yellow, black, purple glue models: 880 b, 7096, 3 M - 9448 performance such as: high temperature resistant adhesive, low temperature resistant rubber, acrylic rubber, steam iron glue, etc. Material: nylon, nylon hair, injection, plastic, glue, the debonding of paper, paper, glue and other back glue Velcro from ordinary nylon Velcro after high temperature hot melt adhesive machine, will be 7096 strong sticky rubber piece of melting the glue point will glue evenly coated in the Velcro back, wait for after cooling solidification put a layer of oil from the form of a paper, ordinary glue back viscous force is stable and can be attached to the plastic, metal, wood, concrete, whitewashed walls and other materials on the surface, only need to press the back glue Velcro gently in the surface of materials, wait 24 hours later, the glue of the viscous force can achieve 90% above, glue and material physical reaction infiltration surface, the longer time the more viscous force, viscous force lasting eed 10 years or so. Back glue Velcro use flash, first measure the width of the paste on the application of the product, after ordering the width of the right, after cutting the custom good length, will clean paste surface treatment ( There can be no dust) , torn on the hook and loop on the back of the double-sided adhesive glossy paper, paste adhesive side attached to the object, the back glue Velcro glue viscous force strong, fit on the plastic plastic/hardware/paper/cement wall/wood/fabric on the surface, such as double-sided adhesive Velcro stick, need to 24 hours of reaction time, self-adhesive glue strength can reach 90%, the longer the gum, the better, back glue Velcro hair surface composed of nylon fiber fuzz, surface soft environmental non-toxic, hook face and hair surface can be used repeatedly adhesive reach more than 10000 times, simple to use, household good helper. Back glue hook and loop after high temperature hot melt adhesive machine will be uniform coating glue on the back Velcro, the thickness of the glue, round the back glue Velcro versatility, simple to use, regular supplies that occupy the home, circle diameter - from 8 mm 100 mm and so on, the customer can decide the diameter size, shape can be customized, such as: round/heart/quadrangle, 4 R Angle, rectangle, oval, round the back glue Velcro imported type 7096 strong sticky glue, glue paste on the surface, can seep to the surface glue, strong adhesion, make glued firmly, round the back glue Velcro is often used in the home is starting to hang act the role of fixed, fixed posters, toy paste is fixed, the car phone fixed, fixed perfume, tissue fixation, etc. Back glue Velcro material production process, the first adopts imported environmental nylon fiber raw materials, through high speed shuttleless weaving machine ribbon, at this time of the product is hook and loop germ band ( Semi-finished products) , germ band by hot melt cutting hook after treated with high temperature and hard surface processing surface and the brush surface fuzzing, and customer requirements through high temperature and high pressure boiler with all sorts of color, the article points to the side, with 25 m/roll of the finished product. Velcro hook neat surface, uniform surface raising, MAO can decide the color, the color delivery date more than 7 days, glue, thick viscous force is strong, delivery futures, durable, code number 25 meters/and, to add paper heart, can cover paper, article, section, etc. 。
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