Back glue Velcro not sticky solution is recommended

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
When it comes to the back glue Velcro, may some people still not sure what is the back glue Velcro, what good, if not what problem. Let small make up today to tell you what's a magic stick, magic stick not sticky and what to do? What is a gum magic and fastening belt, is a common connection accessories on the clothes, molecular mother two sides, one side is small soft fiber, round wool, on the other side is a hard bristle with hook. Actually use range is very wide, is one of the textile materials, the first is used to connect the do on clothing apparel accessories. With the continuous development of science and technology, the purpose of the Velcro is not only used in the clothing. Can also be used for bags, shoes and hats, bags, gloves, cushion. Sports equipment, wire and cable, etc. Velcro to many species, the most common are: back glue Velcro, Velcro cable tie, hook and loop strap, baby Velcro, back to back Velcro, high-frequency hook and loop, elastic don't grab the magic stick, injection hook, etc. , not list one by one here. Each kind of Velcro product although there is no the application range of the stipulated explicitly, but we also can not free to use, only the magic stick to use in the proper occasions can truly reflect it USES the advantages of convenient, economic and durable, environmental protection and beautiful! Back glue Velcro can you touch the water Velcro is can touch water under normal circumstances, now also use the Velcro on some shoes, in the past is to use the LACES, now a lot of shoes is the hook and loop to stick, simple and beautiful. Back adhesive and the Velcro doesn't do Velcro non-stick is often use time is relatively long after the problems, and causes of the problem basically has two kinds. 1, the reason is the use of the environment may cause some dust or debris on the Velcro in the Velcro. 2 Velcro hair surface, is itself a long time, as a result of villi on the surface of the straight bonding strength greatly reduced ( It is possible that the clasps the type fiber damage, but the probability is far less than the probability of wool surface villus damage) 。 In view of the above two reasons, can take the following measures: first, if found the hook and loop a face with sundry can use a toothpick or thin hook will pick out the debris, so that we can quickly improve Velcro not sticky problems. The second if because the nap is caused by deformation of the adhesive is bad to can let Velcro slightly heating or baked ( Pay attention to moderate) 。 This allows fluff bending to improve the adhesion performance. Finally if above both have tried to improve, you can go to the market to buy some, and then take it to the tailor's place of shoes let uncle aunt in a hook and loop sewn, back glue Velcro price is very cheap, a lot of cloth, online or supplementary material that will be sold on the market.
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