Back glue Velcro of garment accessories

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
Back glue hook and loop is a kind of garment accessories, is a narrow fabric with longitudinal elastic elongation property sector with fabric, also known as adjustable hook and loop. According to the weaving method is divided into woven elastic, knitted elastic tape, woven elastic band. Back glue Velcro material: is the polyester yarn and silk fish; Elastic drawstring with spandex or latex. Back glue Velcro application: suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothing, sweater, sports clothing, suits, wedding dresses, T - The T-shirt, hat, chest circumference, masks and other clothing products. Below small make up to you about elastic categories: the practice of different elastic and USES, in our life is the most common knitting elastic tape, knitted elastic can weave all kinds of small decorative pattern, color bar, and scallop, soft and loose, most raw materials using polyamide stretch yarn, products are mostly used in women's bras and underwear. Such as: double-sided velvet elastic woven elastic by cotton or synthetic fiber as warp and weft yarn, and a set of rubber wire ( Latex wire or fiber silk) Mixed according to certain rule. Woven elastic using warp knitted knitting method. Meridian in crocheted or under the action of latch needle, and formed a chain, set parallel line in the braided chains, the dispersed the weave chain connected into belt, rubber coated by weaving chain, or by two sets of parallel clamping. Such as high elastic, elastic don't grab the hook and loop. Back glue Velcro is also called spindle woven elastic, meridian through spindle around rubber silk woven in '8' glyph trajectories. With grain is chevron, bandwidth is 0. 3 to 2 cm, texture between woven and knitted elastic, breed of design and color is more and more used in the clothing. Textile is a professional manufacturer of glue hook and loop back, can be processed into various shapes according to customer's request, elastic Velcro is widely used in handbag factory, craft gift IT industries, easy to use, color. Fashionable, selected from consumers, are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other places. Welcome friends from all walks of life to inquire!
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