Back glue Velcro oligomer causes of the ribbon color dot splash

by:BAILI     2020-09-10
Back glue hook and loop oligomer causes of the ribbon color dot splash oligomer is also called the oligomer, is a kind of polyester fiber and polyester fiber is the same chemical structure of low molecular material, it is a by-product in the process of spinning polyester. General polyester containing 1% ~ 3% of oligomer, most of the oligomer is formed by three ethyl terephthalate ring compounds. When the temperature exceeds 120 ℃, oligomer can dissolve in solution crystallization in dye bath and precipitation, combined with condensed dye, deposit onto the surface of the machine or fabric formed on cooling specking color points to prevent disease. Ribbon wholesale and disperse dye dyeing generally around 30 min at 130 ℃ heat preservation, can ensure the dyeing depth and fastness. So light color can choose 30 min at 120 ℃ heat preservation, dark must be conducted before dyeing pretreatment. Nylon cord wholesale ribbon is widely used in: clothing, shoes, bags, industry, agriculture, military, transportation and so on various industry sectors. Used inside a package, bag, handbags, belts, straps, belts, etc. Wide range of USES. Also has many kinds of materials: nylon, whalen, polyester, polypropylene fiber, spandex, viscose etc. , and not the same pattern: plain weave, twill, satin, jacquard, double, multilayer, tubular and joint tissue.
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