Back glue Velcro on the curtain of the use of the story

by:BAILI     2020-09-10
Back glue Velcro on the curtain of the use of the story I heard a story, temporarily not to say it but at least can clearly back glue Velcro common application in life. Words have a friend to see for a long time not see old classmates zhang qiang asked me to go to his house to play, by the way, also in the process of visit he bought a new house. He is like me, working class, buy a house is not easy for us. Although the mortgage, but I finally bought the room. First entered the room, everywhere deeply with a new flavour, things are placed neatly, except that the scattered on the ground isn't curtains. So I approached the curtain and look at the curtain scattered originally because nothing is fixed. Then I noticed that wang wei is also a face of distress, probably the curtain also he is not clear. Wang wei said, since he bought the new house, every curtain never let his province. A because everything in the room placed neatly but only this damage beautiful curtain, second because curtain cloth is too weak cannot afford STH over and over again. In order not to damage the curtain, the curtain of the problem will disappear. Because in the back glue Velcro industry all the time, so the piece is. Looking at his anguish feel sorry so he try the curtain back glue Velcro. The curtain back glue Velcro just as its name implies is to use hook and loop tied up the curtain of small tools. He have one to the interest, pestering me to give him a good about the curtain back glue Velcro. Of course, everyone wants to own home to clean, can be neatly. Due to the is and his friends, and I will recommend the curtain back glue hook and loop to wang wei. Back glue Velcro not tight on the curtain of fixed can play a role, is useful in many parts of life.
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