Back glue Velcro processing technology

by:BAILI     2020-11-07

with Velcro manufacturer today look back glue Velcro processing technology! 1, ordinary Velcro back glue general processing back glue Velcro equipment can also be used in back to back Velcro for processing! Ordinary lamination processing specifications generally in 15. 2 cm to 20 cm wide, if not just of the specifications of the said we would not be performed ordinary lamination processing, general lamination processing can be processing these materials such as: plastic hook back glue, flannelette back glue, etc. , this is ordinary hook and loop of gum. 2, back to back Velcro back-to-back machining is a slightly more complex process, can usually be processing of materials are: ordinary hook stick, ordinary hook flannelette, ordinary wool, plastic hook stick flannelette, etc. And chosen from type paper is different! Such as the back glue hook and loop from type paper is white, not to use the transparent paper, ivory, yellow paper, etc. There are different, the thickness of the white from type paper thickness is divided into ordinary thickness and thickening, but are generally use ordinary thickness from type paper is enough, so when processing customer don't say what kind of mold will default to the white paper Velcro manufacturer ordinary thickness from type paper. So some demanding manufacturers need other mold paper with Velcro contact to choose for themselves from type paper, or use common from type paper may cause unnecessary trouble, so keep in mind that good communication with the customer service here!

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