Back glue Velcro produce anti-mosquito insect-resistant window screen effect is good

by:BAILI     2020-10-24
Hot weather is coming, I believe everyone tired bitten by mosquito son, in particular, some people with sensitive skin, once being bitten by mosquito can appear where a small red dot, if only hateful mosquito bites on my face all the little sister a beautiful face destroyed, believe that the little sister when get up to see the mosquitoes to miss miss kiss mood must be very excited, but use mosquito-repellent incense can drive midge, but have a taste, mosquito-repellent incense believe many picky little sister don't like the taste, for the weak to smell the smell more will have a headache, and lead to most people don't like the taste, here small make up teach you a method, using the back glue Velcro can also be used to drive mosquito oh, and by using the back glue to make the insect screens anti-mosquito Velcro, not only can save the cost, and anti-mosquito, insect-resistant effect is very good oh. Little sister in also need not worry about the evening there will be a sex maniac mosquitoes to kiss little sister a beautiful face. Back glue Velcro small make up I taught you how to create A anti-mosquito screens, in the process of manufacturing sisters miss miss to get your anointed flourishing fine hand oh, this little brothers but blame small make up, A, the first thing to clean the border around the doors and Windows, if you have any dust above, will affect the back glue hook and loop viscous, relatively clean and smooth objects, Doors and Windows) The surface is not easy to come unglued. B, then back glue hook and loop stick around the perimeter of the window on the edge, to uniform paste, alignment, do not touch to the side. C, and then clean and dry the screen gently press on the stick a good back glue Velcro hook, and smooth with the hand. D, after the last glue to the screen edge off redundant parts of Velcro, need to continue to press for a few minutes, this is to ensure that the strong degree of joint. After the completion of these steps using the back glue Velcro make your own screen steps will be complete and very convenient isn't it simple? Trust also save you a lot of cost, also need not afraid of being bitten by a mosquito.
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