Back glue Velcro production process

by:BAILI     2020-09-27
Back glue Velcro Velcro products production process of all the basic production process the following procedures: first is the loom nylon yarn materials will be caused by the ribbon machine germ band shape. Hook is will dye good hook surface sizing will again after finalize the back glue Velcro germ band on the surface of the nylon monofilament through import cutting machines hook uniform to give the appropriate cutting monofilament it forms sticky germ band with a hook. Velcro suede germ band is to dye the color in the napping machine equipment will color germ band suede brush after curly again by sizing shapes. In the high temperature dyeing equipment will semi-finished germ band dyed all sorts of color. Velcro germ band and the imported article points the books give width of article points to the required specifications. To cut off the required length and volume after packing finished products. Back glue hook and loop in the application of life rich and colorful, but we found that, whether it be using anything, as long as able to master certain skills, can be more handy, but also to a certain extent, prolong the service life of products. Velcro, too, if we want to make better use of it for production and living services, should master the use of some basic skills. Each kind of Velcro product although there is no the application range of the stipulated explicitly, but we also can't blind to use, only in the appropriate occasion with the right products, can really realize its application advantages. , for example, Velcro cable tie is generally are used for binding wire, cable, if you sew it hard on clothes, then obviously is not applicable, because it is too hard, easy to scratch the skin, and it is a cast structure, is not can be used instead of buttons. Save the back glue Velcro is also need to master a certain trick, because the most afraid of be corrosive solution, in order to prevent from corrosion, it should be placed away from the corrosive solution, and at the time of cleaning do not use strong acid and alkali washing. Too, in the process of using the Velcro on the clothes maintain more in need of attention, because it is the use of the service life of the valid term and clothes has a lot to do, to do a good job of maintenance also appear very key.
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